We know that every body love romance and sex so we come up with a new article that on which parts you should pay more attention while doing romance in women body. We have 12 amazing ways of sex and romance that will make your partner go wild and out of control.
There are 12 secret ways to seduce a girl or make a girl horny which are given below:
1. Scalp
To seduce a girl first of all Scalp her, means play with her head touch her head. Scalp means skin covering the head, excluding the face.
2. Ears
Touch her ears kiss her ears because women’s loves that.

3. Lips
Touch women lips and kiss the lips suck her lips and she will enjoyed it.
4. Neck
Women love neck kissing it makes women feel horny. Women also love neck biting

5. Inner thighs
Touch women inner thighs this will make her go wild with pleasure and you will also enjoy her romance.
6. Breasts
Breast is the weakest part of a women when you touch women breast women enjoys it and she loves breast kissing.

7. Behind The Knees
Behind the knees area is highly sensitive women enjoys it a lot and she love it when you touch women behind the knees.
8. Butt
Women loves when you play with there butt they love it when you touch it that make her go wild.

9. Waist
When you huge a women in a wild way and you touch her waist this is the crazy part. Women loses her control.
10. Feet
Women love feet massage pay a very good attentions to there feet women lose control when you touch her feet.

11. Perineum
Perineum is the very sensitive areas of a women body. Women love when you play with it. Perineum is actually a region between the vulva and the anus.
12. Clitoris
Clitoris is the main part of romance you can Use your fingers, tongue, both at the same time or penis.