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Chantelle the sex boom is washing her sexy body.

Chantelle is touching her pussy and also stretching her hair like she is in horny mood.

Chantelle is showing her figure from back and she look very sexy from back.

Chantelle is showing her white boobs.

Chantelle is swimming like a mermaid in black bikini.

Chantelle Connelly is going topless again and is showing her damn big mighty boobs on the poll side and she is looking so hot and wet she is showing her hot body figure at Liverpool’s Carnatic Spa. You can see a big large, intricate design tattoo on her leg and a small tattoo on her hand. Chantelle is also drinking strawberry juice as shown in pictures. Chantelle loves strawberries. Chantelle is a TV star and was also used to work as a stripper. The ex-stripper is 26 years old.

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Chantelle Connelly love strawberry juice.

Chantelle Connelly is drinking her favorite juice.

Chantelle Connelly is stretching her body.

Chantelle Connelly is showing her wet booty.

Chantelle Connelly is relaxing and enjoying her drink.

Chantelle Connelly is feeling cold after swimming.

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