Emily Middlemas the sexy beauty kisses her boyfriend lip to lip in public and she was looking so hot while kissing she had very deep feelings in her heart about her boyfriend Ryan Lawrie. The sexy couple kisses each other lip to lip in a romantic way as you can see in the pictures below. Emily is just eighteen years old and is very sexy and Ryan Lawrie is only twenty years old they are looking very hot and sexy. The romantic couple kiss each other on Saturday night. They had a serious fight Emily Middlemas admitted she was devastated as Ryan and Ryan leave the house and packed his bags But after some time Ryan came home and then Emily became emotional and said that ‘I don’t want to be in the house without you and i love u’.


Emily Middlemas is looking very emotional and sad.

Emily Middlemas and her boyfriend are gone on shipping at the lake side.

Emily Middlemas is looking very happy and sexy.

Emily Middlemas is singing a love song.

Emily Middlemas is talking about her boyfriend love.

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Emily Middlemas is a sexy girl and is young and hot she loves ryan they love each other a lot every time they kiss each other and do romance in public as shown in pictures. Emily loves her boyfriend very much and she said that there is no way that she would break up with his boyfriend Ryan. She said i love him very much. They are a cute and sexy couple and they are enjoying there life every time some times they fight little bit but later on they came together again.


Emily Middlemas is telling about her love in a song.

Emily and Ryan love picture.

Emily and Ryan the love birds.

Emily and Ryan loving and emotional pictures.

Emily Middlemas is allowing her boyfriend to kiss her.

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