Whats up guys! The iphone 7 has been out for three months. And I wanted to give you guys my genuine thoughts and opinions on this phone. What’s great about it and what’s not so great how. Does it compare to the older 6s in some ways? It worth the upgrade pretty much? Just wanted to give you guys my review from the heart of the iphone . We’ve been following a rumor’s on this phone for so very long, so i’ll tell you everything you need to know that’s new and differnet.• Number # 1 is the iphone 7 is the new design. Same shape, same dimentions same weight. The designs we know stay the same that’s one thing I was a little disappointed by apple. Still didn’t disappoint they made a little refinements to the designs which I really liked. One thing that impressed me was how it made me feel there’s a lot of tactile feedback areas where there was never before break down the notification center and drop it you’ll feel a gentle tap seek feedback.


• Number # 2 the second thing I noticed was the beautiful set of new colors. You have your normal silver, your classic gold and offcourse your pink/rose gold and then no more space gray but the jet black and mate black, you really can’t notice any fingerprints on the mate black but the jet black has the advantage of being more grippy whereas the mate black is more slippery.  


• Number # 3 the home button, the new home button on iphone 7 is actually really similar to force touch trackpadsin the new macbooks. It doesn’t actually click anymore. It’s a solid-state glass button with pressure sensivity that doesn’t move, so there’s a taptic engine that’s now behing the button so when you firmly press it as if you were going home it clicks and it kind of feels like the whole bottom of the phone is clicking.


• Number # 4 The iphone 7 are 7 plus are now officially water and dust-resistant now. It’s rated to be able to survive being under 50 meters of water which is a lot so you can totally use it in rain or shower with it or whatever.


• Number # 5 is the new camera or camera’s on the back. The iphone 7 has a new 12 megapixel camera with f1.8 aperture optical image stabilization on both phones the 7 and 7 plus and couple other things like the new image processing chip quad LED flash and raw image capture which is awesome and a beautiful new big camera bump on the back of the phone. There’s also a new seven megapixel front-facing camera that actually looks a lot better than previous iphones so, if you’re into selfies this is a real upgrade in that department so that’s mean everything but the real camera upgrade is in the bigger phone, the iphone7 plus. Which has two of these new 12 megapixel cameras but with different lenses in front of each so, on the right is the normal 28 millimeter lens same as the smaller phone and on the left is a 56 millimeter lens so twice that focal distance for basically two times optical zoom. So this 2x camera is better for potraits and four subjects that are further away since that’s what telephotos are good for and in the camera software there’s also now a button to just switch actively between the lenses. There’s even a slider sort of wheel lets you smoothly use digital zoom to transition between them.